Engaging communities when planning wind farms

Together with people from Paikuse and Tori we visited the Paldiski wind farm to get aquainted with wind turbines and to evaluate how the wind farm can be seen from different distances. 

Sunly’s motto is to build only those wind farms that the local community welcomes. Therefore, it is important to engage and consult local people when planning a wind farm already at an early stage. This is best done when people know what a wind farm looks like. We hope that the Paldiski site visit helps to answer many questions that the Põlendmaa wind farm planning has raised. We also put it in our priority to bring planning procedures closer to people. 

A big shout-out to our good partners such as Põlendmaa külaselts, Tori vald, Paikuse osavald, Pärnu linn, Enefit Green, Artes Terrae and Lemma for a great day!