Cleantech ForEst & Sunly open the Estonian Cleantech Demo Centre

Cleantech ForEst & Sunly have created a demonstration centre for promoting Estonian sustainable technology. The centre provides a space where cleantech startups, their products and services can be exhibited and introduced. More than 40 startups in five categories including energy, agriculture & food are covered at the centre.  

Pictures by Sadu-Triste Juurikas 

Erki Ani, the CEO of Cleantech ForEst said that the demo centre is a primary contact point for local interest groups and international networks, allowing both of them to gain an overview of the clean technologies developed by Estonian start-ups.  

“The location of the demo centre was carefully chosen to be at the energy & cleantech hub called Port of Power to benefit from having different key players all under the same roof. This is where we run our Beamline accelerator to encourage clean innovation and this is where direct contacts and interaction between startup leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders take place effortlessly,” Erki said.  

Eve Peeterson, the Head of Startup Estonia said that the Cleantech Demo Centre has an important place in Estonia’s startup world. “Cleantech is a field that has to be and will be horizontally integrated into all enterprises and all startups presented in the new demo centre are playing a crucial role in this. A great place of inspiration!” said Eve.   

Priit Lepasepp, the founder and CEO of Sunly is pleased with the completion of the demo centre. “Sunly has invested 4 million euros into Estonian cleantech startups so we know how important it is to stay updated in our field which is exponentially growing and evolving. For this, cleantech centre is a great tool for investors as well as for startups in aplifying their investments,” commented Priit.  

The Estonian Cleantech Demo Centre is physically located at the Port of Power in Tallinn but during the lock-down, visits are restricted. To schedule a private tour, please contact the Community Manager Mari Sepp at [email protected]. You may find us also online where the website provides a comprehensive database of Estonian cleantech startups. 

The Estonian Cleantech Demo Centre was built with the help of KredEx – a governmental foundation that provides different financial solutions. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Startup Estonia program.