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I am using an indicator that shows me what the spreads are and tonight, I will not consider trading period, because all the spreads are a complete rip off, and they keep changing by the minute. I never though that this could happen when an account manager working for the broker is trading your account. Thanks for sharing and hope your future LimeFXs will be ma success. I also used to be quite common for brokers to change your leverage during high volutiliy to cause margin calls. Share it here if you think that others would benefit from it. Likewise, if you’ve had a truly terrible experience, go ahead and share it here to warn others.

Someone can really help and share their strategies for free. But they will never give a complete guarantee of profit, because their trades will certainly be closed in deficit. He would explain to prospective investors about the online forex trading, trading packages besides the sale of MetaTrader4 application . It is not the place to put any money that you cannot afford to lose, such as retirement funds, as you can lose most or all it very quickly. The CFTC has witnessed a sharp rise in forex trading scams in recent years and wants to advise you on how to identify potential fraud.

  • This effectively means that over $2.6 trillion US is traded by a couple of hundred people working for these big institutions.
  • These two major categories of brokers conduct business oppositely, but no type of broker is better than the other because it all depend on your trading strategy and type of trader you are.
  • “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying” were the words of one trader working in the foreign exchange market.
  • Although higher leverage can lead to bigger profits, it also magnifies your losses in exactly the same way as your gains.
  • Contrary to the beliefs of most losing traders, Forex brokers are not designed to make retail traders lose money.

Generally, scalpers and day traders prefer tighter spreads because the market needs less ground to cover the transaction costs. Position traders and longer term swing traders prefer to have wider spreads and pay no commissions since spreads tend to be insignificant over a longer period of time. The first type is called Dealing Desk brokers , which are also called Market Makers and Dealers. Market Makers make money through spreads and provide liquidity to their clients. While these types of brokers often display their own quotes, they are legally obliged by national and international regulatory authorities to show the best possible price to their clients. Although, Market Makers literally take the other side of a client’s trade to minimize risk .


A hammer is a single candlestick pattern that consists of a short body with a long lower wick, and little to no upper wick. It’s seen as a sign of an impending bullish reversal – which means that if you spot one during a downtrend, the market might be about to bounce back up. There are a few different ways of confirming before trading. You could, for instance, wait for the resulting trend or continuation to start before jumping in. Alternatively, you could look at a shorter-term chart to take a closer look at current price action.

They are named such because these brokers put their clients’ phone-in orders in slips then drop them in a tiny bucket instead of actually executing. Without the real transactions, the client is actually betting against the bucket shop operators also known as bucketeers. This is another dangerous limefx company reviews type of broker strategy that is both dishonest and illegal in most countries. Customer service and support is incredibly important for any type of business, including a Forex broker. In Forex trading, you want your broker to be able to answer all of your questions and queries.

Spreads will increase naturally during high-impact news events, and especially when market volume is low .Another way that fraudulent brokers cheat their clients is through stop hunting. Sometimes, dishonest brokers make a run for those stops, closing out their clients’ position. Others may even close their client’s position at the client’s stop loss price even if the market did not hit that price. The Forex market has many unique features that many brokers use to entice traders to open a live account with them.

LimeFX cheating

Unless you’re already a member and enjoying our service, then just sign in. In order to allow us to keep developing Myfxbook, please whitelist the site in your ad blocker settings. I would find and cheating here but currently I withdrew USD and they sent me EUR. It has been 2 years, some peoples complaining about the LimeFX services.

‘If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying’ – how forex has changed

Day traders will tend to use shorter-term charts to spot opportunities, but otherwise the principle is the same. We’ve covered 22 candlestick patterns here, but there are many many more that aren’t included. Different technical traders use different patterns, and more are added new examples all the time.

Once you spot a pattern on a chart, you can make a call about whether that price action will occur again. There are many reports ofscam brokers in the Forex industry. “Bucket-shop” companies attract customers’ funds and then simply run with them or create unjust trading conditions, under which every trader loses money constantly. Those can be classified as true scams and are plain illegal. They deserve their own subject and are discussed throughout the Internet widely.

According to lawyer Phaisal Ruangrit, who campaigns to help fraud victims, Natthamon, who claimed to be a successful forex trader, has defrauded over 6,000 victims. Phaisal said one victim deposited about 18 million baht with Khongchak, the report said. Earlier this month, this lawyer led more than two dozen people to file complaints against Natthamon with the Economic Crime Suppression Division of Thailand. Natthamon is a popular influencer in Thailand with more than 800,000 followers on Youtube.

To find a hammer, look at the length of the body compared to the wick.

How forex brokers cheat their clients

It happens that companies are booming only in a certain period of time. They quickly appear on the market and just as quickly disappear. Also they can constantly change the office address and regulators. You should not pay attention to such platforms, it is better to choose a forex broker with a long history, with numerous reviews and real stories of traders.

LimeFX cheating

They’re still considered a bearish signal, but not as strong as during an uptrend. Buyers have twice attempted to push the market to new highs but have failed both times. The second time, the market then fell back to the first period’s open.

It is more difficult to deal with companies that cheat not in the short term, but in the long term. In such cases, the trader may not even be aware of the scam. But for the most part, many dishonest sites use standard patterns in their work. We recommend analyzing the withdrawal tools as one of the most important proofs of a broker’s customer focus.

Also, spreads between different currency pairs may change as the liquidity level of that certain currency pair changes. Brokers who don’t charge separate commissions make money through the spread. The lower the spread, the greater the hypothetical profit a trader can make.

The broker may fail to allocate your position, even if it is completely updated, at the price it quotes, and saves himself by applying a wider than usual spread on the customer. Nothing can really keep the broker from imposing a wider than usual spread to earn profit from the trader. If the broker can do this, honestly, there is not much that you can do to stop him. Now that you understand more about brokerages in general we can take a look at some of the troubles you might run into with them.

With the variable spread, the spread may be as low as 0 pips or as high as 3 pips on most major currency pairs. Spread also varies depending on the financial instrument that you trade and volatility of the market. Most brokers charge a 2-pip spread in a less volatile market. However, if the volatility increases, the spread may also increase, which means higher transaction cost for variable spread accounts.

It is not guaranteed to help, but at least you will be sure that your broker does not see your stop loss and have a chance to take it out through dishonest means. You took trades of time of big spread with very low equity so that was expected results. In a May 25 Instagram post, Natthamon said she had made a mistake in trading and lost all the money but promised to repay to her investors. Well, I don’t reccomend any of them, they are mostly the same regardless to this subject. I trade with couple of brokers, but they all have some nasty things related to this issues. What you need is to notice them that you are aware of this things are happening and that if that happens to you oftenly, you will change the broker.

Some brokers are out to take advantage of foolish and unknowing traders so we want to not be one of them. Brokerage firms might look great on the outside, but once you get in and make some profit and try to withdraw your funds all the rules might change. The second type of Forex broker is called the Non-Dealing Desk .

In a harami, the strong selling sentiment indicated by the first candle gives way, allowing buyers into the market. Those buyers are unable to send its price higher, but do arrest the fall. Because sellers pushed its price down to new lows during the session but couldn’t keep it there. Instead, buyers fought back, and the market ended up close to its opening price.